TF2 Bot Detector

A tool that assists with detecting & kicking bots & cheaters

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Kick Bots Faster

TF2BD is a standalone application that identifies and calls vote-kicks against known bots and cheaters on your team. If they are on the other team, it will send a chat message telling the other team to kick their cheater.

With the power of automation, bots can be kicked before they even walk out of spawn.

VAC Safe

TF2BD does not modify the game or OS memory in any way. It is only using built-in functionality in the engine, exactly the way it was intended.

More information about how it works can be found in the docs.

We are committed to maintaining the safety of our users.

Extra Utility

Community driven rule-lists and player-lists help make sure no bot is able to circumvent detection.

Integration with the Steam Web API allows TF2BD to display additional account information, such as account age, VAC bans, and TF2 play time.

Open Source

This is an ongoing project that will continue to be improved with new features, more powerful detection, and better customization.

All changes are driven by the needs of the people in the community.

Explore the source code over at GitHub or join the discussion on Discord.